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In the legal profession, information is sacrosanct. The very bedrock of your practice is the trust your clients place in you to protect their secrets, their assets, and their rights. At Invict, we recognize that the realm of law is not just about justice; it's about safeguarding a legacy - both yours and that of your clients.

In an era where cyber threats loom large and ominous, the guardianship of this trust extends beyond the courtroom and into the digital domain. The vast, often daunting landscape of cyber security is replete with ever-evolving threats that seek to undermine the sanctity of the information you protect.

But fear not. Invict stands as your steadfast sentinel, guarding against the onslaught of cyber threats with unparalleled expertise.

Our cyber security division, Invict Shield, is forged to be the ironclad armor for your practice. With a razor-sharp focus on law offices, we’ve honed our services to address the unique challenges and demands of legal cyber security. We shield you not just from data breaches and ransomware, but from the loss of the invaluable trust that forms the very essence of your relationships with your clients.

Invict Shield ensures that your dedication to your clients’ interests is unyieldingly matched by our commitment to protect the digital dimensions of your practice.

Embark on a journey with us as we delve into the stakes, the risks, and the imperatives of safeguarding your practice. Discover how Invict's bespoke cyber security solutions are the bulwark that ensures your practice´s cyber safety.

Why do Law Offices need Cyber Security?

The Stakes are Monumental

In a world where sensitive client data is worth its weight in gold, law offices are prime targets for ruthless cyber-attacks. From ransomware strangleholds to dark web auctions, your client's trust and your reputation are in constant jeopardy.

The Risks

Ransomware, client information compromise and the dark web, to name just a few.

Any of these can cause irreparable damage and bring your and your customers practice to their knees.

The Imperative of Expert Intervention

Don’t let a lack of in-house IT expertise be your Achilles’ heel. The complex and evolving nature of cyber threats necessitates specialized skills round-the-clock. Leave the technicalities to us, focus on justice.

The Dangers of Going it Alone

The absence of dedicated 24/7 security expertise means you’re playing Russian roulette with your firm’s future.

The intricate web of cyber security is no place for improvisation.


Invict Cyber helps law offices protect their practice and their customers by safe guarding their information from cyber attacks.

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